Brand Guidelines Manual

A brand guidelines manual, is an instruction booklet that tells you how, where, and when your Brand identity should be used. It’s a rule book for your brand. It can be concise or lengthy, but a brand guidelines manual is a necessity.

The document gives you instructions on how your brand should appear across all media. With improper use, your brand can quickly devalue; for example, every time your logo is stretched, or in the wrong color, or altered, you lose brand equity, same thing goes for color palettes, typography, imagery, editorial tone, graphics, layouts, and all other marketing materials. A brand guidelines manual helps your brand hold its value for years. A brand guidelines manual gives your teams access to the same rule book. The rules in the brand guidelines manual is a source of knowledge for your brand.

Communicating with too much variation can compromise brand equity and confuse audiences by expressing multiple personalities and leave messages open to interpretation. Conversely, communicating with a universal set of style and formatting conventions is necessary to articulate brand promises and strategic priorities, maintain a reputation of reliability, generate consumer confidence and build a personal relationship with customers. Brand guidelines manuals explain the rationale behind the brand look and feel and outlining the brand promise, values, and attributes.

We help you develop a brand guidelines manual that is clear and central, cares about accuracy and is focused on the way your brand interacts and the way it can be trusted by your customers. We guide you on implementing and adhering to the rules of a carefully considered brand guidelines manual, which is crucial to the success of your marketing strategy.