The devastating truth behind A Free Website

Free Website Lemon

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As you develop all aspects of your business, you got to the part of establishing the Website. You stumbled upon many of those web design services and got confused about which one to get, you came across those “build it for free” offers, and got excited so you signed up and spent time building your Website and finally got it up and running…

Great! but what is behind this “free” deal?

Mostly your website will have an Advertisement for “Free Websites” in the footer area, that just makes your business look cheap and that you don’t really mean the business. The overall design is obviously generic, not tailored to your business, meaning it doesn’t have a distinctive identity and not properly set to stand out from the crowd. Also it is probably not tested for optimum user experience on devices such as mobile phones or tablets of different sizes even if they stated that those designs are “responsive” and “customized”… Why this is important? Because the days are gone when the need was only trying to get visitors to a website, now the focus is on turning visitors into customers and this requires professional help.

Apart from the design, If you ever leave those services, you lose everything! Those “free” tools limit your ability to increase your traffic using “SEO” that is highly important. You’ll also pay for more pages or features; there’s no reason why you should pay more when you’re the one creating everything and adding all of the content yourself! Knowing that some of these sites also track your customers activities by presenting ads to them that belong to your competitors when they visit any other website on the internet for the next few weeks, this makes you really lose a significant traffic or sales. Finally You’re more likely going to still need some sort of professional editing to get your logo designed the correct size and to re-size your images to be Web friendly.

If you ever want a really good website, don’t build it yourself for free, you’ve got to hire professionals because “Free” will cost you more later and is never free!

In fact, those “free” website builders show you that you get a real good value if you upgrade to premium account and pay for all sorts of features, but they forget to tell you that you can invest thousands of money and if you ever want to leave them for whatever reason, you’ll lose all of your work! That’s true, not one bit of your investment belongs to you!

After all, is a free website ever going to be a good choice? Sure, only if you are not aware of the consequences and trying to save some money to get started, but remember that if you want people to find you, then you’ll need to invest in SEO or Social Media Marketing when using one of these “free” sites. At that point you will know how valuable a professionally designed website can be for your business.

Best suggestion is to look for a Consultant like us who will guide you to build a cost effective website that creates business reputation, ensure that marketing materials are expertly done, and help you to have a measurable return on your investment. Get a Quote

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