How much does branding cost?

Branding cost can be anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to multi-millions for larger corporations. What’s the difference?

Branding cost is what you need to know before building a brand that you can grow, leverage, and even sell in the future. To get to that, just invest the money required to get off to a good start. By the time you amortize your start-up expenses, the cost will be minimal in comparison to the value received.

branding cost

Here are average prices that start-up and small growing businesses should expect to pay for a professional branding project that includes a combination of naming, positioning & strategy, messaging, logo & identity design, copy, website design and development, creation of marketing materials, company culture and messaging.

1. Starting from scratch branding cost: under $2K

New businesses typically don’t have a lot of cash to spend on branding, so it’s understandable that they would look for low-cost ways to get the logo and website they need to be competitive.

The question is will it have a strong return on investment that will actually make profit? What if you could get more than design, an actual business and brand that attracts clients, and is easy to sell?

2. Startup average branding cost: from $2K – $10K

If you have more budget to spend, you will be able to upgrade your services and have strategies and marketing insights, create your logo, brand identity, and website, but not fully build your brand to stand out from your competitors. So you must develop your own knowledge about branding and marketing.

Because so many small businesses need a brand but don’t have a larger budget, Amgadization has developed an affordable all-in-one branding bundle that builds strategy across all of your materials. And is able to charge less than $10,000 in an intensive 15-day turnaround period.

3. Small business average branding cost: from $10K to $60K

This is typically the price range for a re-brand or redesign of materials for established small business. The price is determined by the size of the company and its overhead, the size of the website, deliverable. Price does not always equal value, a lot of small agencies deliver design, rather than brand. Unless you’re a branding expert or have a background in marketing, it is best to hire a strategically minded agency.

4. Mid-size and Large businesses branding cost: over $60K

With a lot of policies and rules for materials that require detailed specifications, branding or re-branding for larger corporations will have a significant increase in cost and will take more time and team effort to develop.

Don’t have the budget to develop the most powerful brand identity?

Spend extra time and effort to search for the appropriate sourcing that can design and deliver the most dazzling brand identity and presentation for your business that never fails or fluctuates. Amgadization can help you decide on the brand character or personality that you need to put forth with every communication, define your mission and vision statements, your brand promise, develop your brand definition and core brand message.