Art Beyond Walls

Amgadization is the world’s global full-service branding agency. A business-sans-building model nurtured into reality in a virtual marketplace, pioneered by a global team of creative professionals who are finely selected and evolved out of their real-world restrains.

A creative talent is really scarce, a sublime creativity is needed to challenge the ordinary; Amgadization emerged… dedicated to one mission “Building World Brands and delivering a distinctive blend of visual and function.”

Our philosophy “Art Beyond Walls” is about challenging the ordinary, it is the basis of Amgadization Brand, it states our vision “Evolving and releasing limitations to infusing the spectrum of art and fulfilling dreams of people throughout the world.”

We believe in the simple not the complex and less is always more. We believe in saying no to many projects, so we can focus on the few that are meaningful to us. We believe that when we set our minds to doing things differently, a world of possibilities opens.

Amgadization’s Art style is an infusion of Conceptualism, Modernism and Minimalism. Art direction in our projects is Clean and Modern, valuing Conceptual Photography, Abstract and Digital Art.

Creative Consultancy

Through a creative lens, We envision innovative ways to help businesses reflect their specific philosophy and approach, our work is done in consideration of the capabilities of our clients and the needs of their customers.

Driven by Values

We are honest and build trust by being forthcoming, collaborative, encouraged, and responsible for improving the performance of our clients


A creative talent is really scarce

Amgad E | Founder & Managing Director

Amgad E

Founder & Managing Director

A team of talented Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Programmers, Animators and Copywriters.

We think creatively, strategically and technically. We are passionate to deliver a truly personalized experience on a professional basis.

Our Creative Team has an impeccable design sensibility, typographic flair and a keen eye for detail. Conceptualize, present and produce projects from inception to completion. Motivated, adaptive to changing priorities, has a collaborative approach to creative development. Adept in developing and directing Visual Identity, Branding guidelines and Advertising Campaigns. Directed by Amgad E, Founder & Managing Director and also Head of Creative Services, B.A.A. in Graphic design & Publishing with more than 15 years of professional experience in the global market.

We are dependable and dedicated, our projects are neatly created and delivered on time. We communicate closely and exceed expectations.


Responsible of running our business around the world

Angela Wilson | Head of Marketing

Angela Wilson

Head of Marketing

Laura Miles | Head of Account Management

Laura Miles

Head of Account Management

Heather Grey | Head of HR & Talent Acquisition

Heather Grey

Head of HR/Talent Acquisition